Language Works is an engaging, hands-on program that uses phonics to teach early reading and spelling. The comprehensive system introduces 60 phonetic sounds (phonograms) as the building blocks of the English language. A phonogram can be a single letter sound or a combination of letters pronounced together, such as o, ai, ey, igh, ch and or.

The unique 3-step writing activity isolates the key phonogram sounds needed to build words and gives students practice blending the sounds together to read words. The activity also helps students to recognize phonetic spelling patterns.

Students are able to work independently as they “sound out” words then check themselves using a corresponding picture booklet. Teachers and students love the pictures which provide self-correction while adding real enjoyment to the activity.

Sample Illustrations

In order to begin, the student must already know the single letter consonant sounds in the alphabet. The Language Works program begins with the five short vowel sounds in words such as map, jet, slip, hop and cut.

Each phonogram is introduced with a word list and matching picture booklet as shown. The phonogram being learned is printed at the top of the list, but has been eliminated from the words below, allowing the student to “discover” the words on their own as they work down the list.


The word list is placed on top of a piece of notebook paper. Using a red pencil to isolate the sound visually, the student will write the phonogram printed at the top of the list in each open window. Blending the sounds together to read each word, the student will then check with the corresponding picture booklet to confirm what they have read. This step launches many non-readers into the world of reading!

Step 1: Read

This time, the student will write the beginning and ending sounds to complete the words on the list. Using only the picture booklet and a regular pencil (the word list is set aside), the pictures provide the cues needed to write the missing letters.

At the end of this step, the list of 8 words will be complete. Checking is done by comparing the written work to the printed list.

  Step 2: Write

Students will test themselves using the picture booklet for word cues.
  Step 3: Review
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