Stepping Stones Elementary School  
Stepping Stones Elementary School
Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I've been using the Language Works program in my classroom for 12 years. The 3-step method is easy to follow and gives the children a real sense of accomplishment. I see a marked improvement in their daily writing as far as correct spelling goes. I require that my children do one letter pattern a week, but they enjoy the work so much that they frequently will do several!"
Teacher Barbara Boyce

DuPage Montessori School
Naperville, Illinois
  DuPage Montessori School

"I have used Language Works in my classroom for the past 4 years. It compliments our reading program and supports my students' ability to work independently. The process is really effective, with each step reinforcing the previous one. I recommend Language Works!"
Teacher Tashia Joseph

Meadow Montessori School  
Meadow Montessori School
Monroe, Wisconsin

"I love this work in my 6-9 classroom! I've used it for 8 years. It's just so organized and it makes so much sense to the children."
Teacher Susan Tuza

John Middleton Elementary School
Skokie, Illinois
  John Middleton Elementary School

"I am an ESL teacher with a Master's degree in teaching reading. I work with children from all around the world and I find that Language Works is a fun and interesting way to teach reading, vocabulary and phonics skills. It helps the students to identify vowel and consonant patterns and make the sound/letter association. The program has provided a missing link in building my early literacy reading program!"
Teacher Laura April
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Undercroft Montessori School  
Undercroft Montessori School
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Language Works is a wonderful program! It's quality. I've used it for 5 years and its still so popular with the children. It allows for independence with the built in control-of-error."
Teacher Lori Karmazin - Teacher Trainer, Center for Montessori Teacher Education, Founder of Great Extensions Material Co.

Creative World Montessori School
LaGrange, Illinois
  Creative World Montessori School

"I love it because its beautiful and completely comprehensive. I've looked at all of the Montessori materials and this is the only one with all of the sounds. The kids like it so much - they go right for their red pencil."
Teacher Susan Grubbins

Joella C. Good Elementary School  
Joella C. Good Elementary School
Miami, Florida

"I have used the Language Works program for 5 years in my public magnet school. I especially love it for vocabulary building with my 6 and 7 year olds."
Teacher Barbara Scott (Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities & 30 years in teaching)

"It's a wonderful program. The children read, write and review. They mastered it!"
Bilingual Teacher Annette Daum
Portage Park Elementary
Chicago, IL

"My kids really like to self-check and they love the illustrations! The record keeping is so simple and helps me track their progress."
Teacher Edith Craig
Michigan Montessori Magnet School
Ft. Myers, Florida

"I purchased this for my four schools and my training program. Both the teachers and the children love it."
Cheryl Ruszat
Executive Director, Program Coordinator, University Teacher Training Program
University of California, Irvine

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